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Parents' Association

Castletroy College Parents Association

In Castletroy College we believe that parents should actively engage in the education of their children.

A parents’ involvement in their children's education must be supported by the attitudes, beliefs and practices of all members of the school and broader education community.

We view parents as partners in facilitating children's learning and we support them in this role.

Parents are welcome in Castletroy College and their support and assistance are sought as a valuable resource to support their children's education.

We believe that all communication and dialogue with parents must be regular, open, two-way and meaningful.

Chairperson of Parents Association: Ms. Louise Platt

Vice Chairperson of Parents Association: Ms Emer Martin

Treasurer: Mr. Alan Lally

Assistant Treasurer: Mr. Mark Dineen

Teacher Representative on Parents Association: Mr. John Keehan

Parent Representatives on Board of Management:

Ms. Mercedes Alonso Gomez

Mr. James Greenslade

Castletroy College,
Co. Limerick,
V94 6D85

061 330 785

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