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Healthy Eating

Healthy Eating


Our school regards the welfare and physical wellbeing of our students as central to their holistic development. It is envisaged, that a proactive approach to healthy eating will create an environment where healthier options are facilitated and encouraged.

A link to our healthy eating policy is available here

Why should I opt for healthier food choices?

  • For improved physical appearance: clear skin, shiny hair, control over energy balance.
  • To improve sports performance: besides genetics and physical training, a healthy diet is the third most important factor in improving performance in sport.
  • For better academic performance: a healthy diet will result in better concentration and improved performance in school.

How can I make simple changes to my diet to achieve a healthy diet?

Breakfast: - Never skip breakfast.

A sample breakfast: orange juice, a high fibre cereal, wholemeal toast and tea.

Lunch: - Choose wholemeal bread

Opt for a combination sandwich or roll (i.e. one with salad, meat and cheese)

- Fruit

- Yoghurt / Fruit Drink

Dinner: -Taste your dinner before adding salt.

Eating vegetables is essential for healthy growth.

Drinks - Substitute soft drinks for healthier options such as water and milk.

Pupils are encouraged to prepare their own nutritious lunch at home.

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