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What Music or Noise to Listen to While Studying

What Music or Noise to Listen to While Studying

By Salva Rezaeizadeh, TY

As most of us probably know, schoolwork, and studying in general, can be very stressful and frustrating. There is always pressure on students, especially during exam times, so you may be wondering what could help ease the stress and help you study.

Did you know, that listening to music while studying is proven to:

  1. Reduce stress
  2. Increase memory
  3. Boost enthusiasm
  4. Create study patterns

Of course, different genres of music may help with different things, here are some examples:

  1. Classical Music: Listening to classical music by composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Bach can improve attentiveness. They’re perfect for studying because they have calming melodies and have no lyrics, making them ideal for exam preparation.

Example: Classical Music for Studying & Brain Power | Mozart, Vivaldi, Tchaikovsky...

  1. Jazz music: As well as classical music, instrumental music and electronic music can also be powerful. Instrumental music encourages focused attention.

Example: Jazz Relaxing Music at Cozy Coffee Shop Ambience ☕ Soft Jazz Music to Study, Work | Background Music

  1. Nature sounds: The best music for studying and focus may actually not even be “music”. Ocean waves sounds, rainfall, or bird songs are examples that can offer a peaceful and distraction-free writing environment. These usually have a very calming effect, which help you to relax and get into focus quicker.

Example: Relaxing Music with Nature Sounds - Waterfall HD

  1. Lo-Fi Hip-Hop: Lo-fi is contemporary music that combines soft musical samples with calming beats. These tracks’ repetitiveness can help you in finding a rhythm when working on your schoolwork, and assist in creating study patterns.

Example: Best of lofi hip hop 2021 ✨ [beats to relax/study to]

  1. Baroque Music: It's been proven that listening to baroque music, mainly tracks with tempos between 60 and 70 BPM, can improve focus, making it a really good choice of music for studying. Some ideal tunes are ones like Handel’s Water Music.

Example: Baroque Music for Studying & Brain Power

In conclusion, music can work as a powerful tool that can enhance your study. So, try to incorporate some music or noises into your study the next time you sit down to get some work done. Your brain and your grades will appreciate it!

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