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Feel Good Friday

Feel Good Friday

On Friday the 18th of October, our school organised a ‘Feel Good Friday’ for all first, second and third-year students. This day consisted of a series of activities for each class. There were numerous different locations for each activity, such as the gym, the Junior GPA, the Senior GPA and rooms 34, 36, 70, 72, 81, 87, 89, 90 and 91.

As this day was organised for the Junior side of the school exclusively, the Transition Year students were the designated helpers. Each transition year class was assigned a position for the day.

Pádraig and Oisín 4 helped out with the board games upstairs. There were a variety of board games including 'Headz Up', 'Connect 4', ‘Scrabble’, ‘Guess Who’ and many more. A lot of fun was had throughout the day.

Colm 4 participated in karaoke for the first period in the Senior GPA. This went off without a hitch and seemed to be well liked among all students. During this time any student who had the desire to could showcase their singing abilities among their peers.

Bríd 4 were originally located outside in the astroturfs and the basketball courts but due to weather conditions they were dispersed in with the other classes.

Gráinne 4 hosted a table quiz in the back of the school. This quiz involved several rounds with questions varying in topics such as countries, films, and pop culture. This was enjoyed by each student.

Finally Deidre and Fionn 4 lent a helping hand to running the carnival. This took place in the gym for the entirety of the day. There were many different stalls for example ‘X’s and O’s’, ‘Knock a Coconut’, ‘Hook a Duck’, ‘Teachers Baby Photos’, ‘ Rebus Puzzles’, just to name a few. At certain stalls prizes could be won, which was an assortment of sweets in a bag. If you were feeling daring you could get you picture taken with your friends at the photo stand and booth. For this you could pop your head through a caricature of dress up in wigs and fake mustaches. Students also had the opportunity to get their faces painted anything that caught their fancy. The carnival could not have gone any better and brought amusement to students and teachers alike.

To help promote mental health and well being in our school numerous organisations set up stands in our school. These organisations included the Samaritans, Jigsaw and the ISPCC. This was a nice way to give students the chance to learn about what they can do if their mental health or well-being is poor and who they can reach out to.

Nothing to the extent of this ‘Feel Good Friday’ has been done carried out in the school in recent years. Being in classes all day can take it’s toll on students, so this was a nice break away which all pupils benefited from.

Feel Good FridayFeel Good FridayFeel Good FridayFeel Good FridayFeel Good FridayFeel Good FridayFeel Good Friday
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