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Develop me experiential workshop

Develop me experiential workshop

On Monday the 7th of October Brid 4 completed the develop me workshop with Gerard O’Shea. The workshop consisted of two seperate team building activities. The first activity was called “The Lost Dutchman’s Gold mine”. The class were split up into five different teams and were given various different resources to reach the gold mine and return back to their base within the 20 days given to them in the scenario. This activity was used to help the class develop their collaboration skills and to strengthen and build new relationships within the class.

The second activity completed by the class was the building of a bridge out of “knex”. The class had exactly an hour to complete the bridge and succeeded in completing the bridge within 48 minutes, just 4 minutes short of breaking a record to appear in the top 5 school times. This activity showed the class the importance of cooperation to get a task finished. This showed that maybe if the class had worked together in a different way that they could have beaten the times put forward as a challenge to them.

Overall the workshop was a great learning exercise and allowed the class to participate in a new and interesting experience together.

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