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Behind the Scenes with the lovely Laura, one of our school secretaries

Behind the Scenes with the lovely Laura, one of our school secretaries

Written by Hania, Lisa and Kimberley, TY

This week, we spoke to Laura, one of the two busy secretaries in Castletroy College. We delved into what it’s like working in our school, and learned some more about what happens behind the scenes of the school office. Thank you to Laura for answering our questions!

  1. What is your favourite thing about the job?

“Mr Flanagan and Mr Flannery get Emer and I a coffee each day! ... I like the students in Castletroy College and I find it easy to talk to them as we are close in age, especially the senior cycle students.”

  1. What was the funniest thing that ever happened to you in the office?

“A first year student came to the office on my first day on the job, asking where the office was. I told them that they’re at the office already, we laughed about it and I still think it's funny to this day.”

  1. What are some tips people could do to make your day easier?

‘If students could remember to bring their stuff in so I don’t have to make calls in the middle of the day it would be really helpful’

  1. What is the day to day of the job like?

‘’The day is really busy and everyday is different, the day includes updating VSware, signing people in and out and calling the parents of students who are sick and typical admin work"

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