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A Message From Our Chaplain - Ms Cribbin

A Message From Our Chaplain - Ms Cribbin
Good afternoon to all our 'Great Students'.
I hope this message finds you well.
I'm aware that some of you have had very tough times and challenging situations, my thoughts and prayers are with you all. Eventhough we have no school meetings for the time being, we will again.
I encourage you to chat to a family member if you need to. I also recommend, if it suited you, to say a prayer in your own religion (as you may already be doing). If not, try and name people and things for which you are grateful during the day as I try and do during the day.
I direct you to further supports on our school website here.
I know I feel blessed receiving lots of support from our Senior Management Team, Pastoral Care Teams, Guidance, AEN Team and all our great Staff members and family.
As the School Crest on your school jumper says 'Ut Sint Unim' (John 17:21, .... that we may be one....)
Here are some more thoughts and reflections, including some from Staff members.
God bless and/or Best wishes to all of you.
This is an old Irish Proverb... Dia idir sinn agus an t-olc - God between us and all harm
and best wishes over our Easter holidays.
Ms Cribbin 😊💚👍🙏
Poem by John O' Donoghue
Poem by Michael D. Higgins, President of Ireland
“Take Care”
In the journey to the light,
the dark moments
should not threaten.
that you hold steady.
Bend, if you will,
with the wind.
The tree is your teacher,
roots at once
more firm
from experience
in the soil
made fragile.
Your gentle dew will come
and a stirring
of power
to go on
towards the space
of sharing.
In the misery of the I,
in rage,
it is easy to cry out
against all others
but to weaken
is to die
in the misery of knowing
the journey abandoned
towards the sharing
of all human hope
and cries
is the loss
of all we know
of the divine
for our shared
Hold firm.
Take care.
Come home
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